Sandhi, mutation, and contrast: laryngeal phonology in Plougrescant Breton

October 10, 2009

Toronto – Tromsø Phonology Workshop, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

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Categories:  Breton Laryngeal phonology Feature theory Substance-free phonology

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This paper was presented at the Toronto-Tromsø Phonology Workshop in Toronto. It presents an analysis of laryngeal phonology in Plougrescant Breton, with an emphasis on the idea of a ternary contrast implemented through a distinction between the presence and absence of a bare geometric node. I later explored similar ideas in my work on Friulian (see this talk and this paper). A lot of the analysis eventually made it to my thesis, but the Plougrescant dialect is interesting because it combines the laryngeal phenomena found in Bothoa Breton with a prosodic system more similar to Welsh.

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