Current Issues in Phonology


This advanced course introduces students to a variety of live research issues in phonological theory. I teach this course with my colleagues Heinz Giegerich, Patrick Honeybone, and Michael Ramsammy. In 20142015, I cover the following topics:

  • Contrast in phonology and underspecification. Modified Contrastive Specification and the use of contrastive hierarchies
  • Feature theory: markedness, feature geometry, contrast. Diagnostics of markedness and their cross-linguistic validity
  • Suprasegmental phonology: moraic theory; morae and sonority; onset moraicity

Materials are available on Learn. There is also a Resource List available.

See LASC10089 on DRPS.

About me

I’m Pavel Iosad, and I’m a Senior Lecturer in the department of Linguistics and English Language at the University of Edinburgh. ¶ You can always go to the start page to learn more.



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