Phonological Theory


This course introduces students to a range of important topics in (generative) phonological theory and to phonological data analysis. On the theoretical side, we will cover the following topics:

  • Basics of phonological theory
  • Feature theory
  • Derivations, underlying representations, rules
  • Process interaction and rule ordering
  • Phonological typology
  • Suprasegmental phonology: syllable structure, stress, tone
  • Advanced feature theory: feature geometry, unary features
  • Constraints in phonology: well-formedness conditions, templates, conspiracies, the ‘duplication problem’
  • Explanation in phonology

Throughout the course, there is a strong emphasis on building data analysis and problem solving skills. Click here for last year’s course handbook.

Following this course, students will be able to progress to advanced study of phonological theory. In 20152016, we will not be offering LASC10089 Current Issues in Phonology, but it is planned that this will run in the second semester of 20162017. Get in touch early with prospective supervisors if you’re thinking about an Honours dissertation in phonology in 20162017, because it is likely you’ll need to do some summer reading. Conversely, LASC10046 Historical Phonology is running this year, but not next year. Plan accordingly.

See LASC10088 on DRPS.

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