LEL2D: Cross-Linguistic Variation: Limits and Theories


This course is part of the pre-Honours sequence in all LEL single Honours degrees, as well as of some joint degrees (in addition to being available as an outside course). Its main aim is to familiarize students with the study of linguistic diversity and the relationship between language typology and theory-building. In 20202021, I am acting as the course organizer for LEL2D. I am also responsible for the entire phonology block, and for the ‘implications of variation and universals’ block (with Graeme Trousdale).

See LASC08020 on DRPS.

About me

I’m Pavel Iosad, and I’m a Senior Lecturer in the department of Linguistics and English Language at the University of Edinburgh. ¶ You can always go to the start page to learn more.



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